May these events not involve thy servant.
May these events not cost thy servant money.
May these events leave no trace in thy servant's memory.

    Three Prayers to Bree Amal
    Goddess of Keepers of Disorderly Houses

    ("Casting Fortune" by John M. Ford)

CFCL Guest Accounts

Q: May I have a guest account on

A: Yes, if you've passed our strict entrance requirements:

  1. You are a friend of Rich and/or Vicki.

  2. You ask nicely.

  3. You agree to abide by the rules.

Q: What does it cost?

A: Nothing. We mean that literally.

As long as it costs us nothing (or close to nothing) in terms of time, resources, or attention, you may have an account. If it begins to cost us something, we will reconsider.

Q: What are the rules?

A: The rules are simple:

  1. Your account must not cost us time, resources, bandwidth, money, trouble, or pain.
All other rules support rule #1.
  • We're happy to provide minor assistance. If you want full technical support, there are places that will sell you what you need. Similarly, we try to run a solid system, in terms of backups, hardware, software, security, etc. However, we make no guarantees of performance.

  • Please don't put undue pressure on our resources. That means we ask you not to store large files, don't leave email on the server, and please respect our resource limitations (eg, I/O bandwidth, memory, processor time). For example, if you put up a page that draws heavy traffic, we will ask you to move it.

  • We have certain ways we like to do things. If you want something else, there are alternative hosting services available; please use one of them.

  • If you want to invite friends to use the TWiki or author entries in your weblog, we will need to approve them. Your friends must also agree to abide by the rules.

  • If you request an email account, you must be willing to access email, via POP, from cfcl. We do not provide IMAP.
    SpamAssassin runs on all incoming email; spam checking is not optional.
    We cannot allow forwarding. .forward files will be removed. If you use a shell account to forward your mail, you may lose shell privileges.

  • If you request a shell account, you will be asked to provide a good reason.
    We will not give you root privileges; please do not ask.
    Requests for installation of additional services will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  • Please do not upload, create, or store large files. We periodically check the size of user home directories and email inboxes. Large inboxes will be culled.

  • Please do not upload, create, or store anything of dubious legality.

  • We reserve the right to look anywhere on the system and take any actions that we deem necessary. However, we try to be courteous (and expect the same of our guests).

We reserve the right to ask you to take your account elsewhere if you violate rule #1. Please don't make us exercise that right.

Q: What kinds of accounts do you offer?

A: We offer a choice of the tools we use. These include:

  • Email

    via POP (see rules, above). Procmail and SpamAssassin are included (no, you cannot turn them off).

  • Unix shell account

    Choice of bash or tcsh. Perl, Python, Ruby available. We provide Mac OS X (with the developer tools) and other software that seems interesting and/or useful. If you need something we don't have, send us a note and try to convince us. (But see rules, above.)

  • TWiki (wiki)

    Most people join one of our affiliated groups. If you would like to have a private web, please provide additional details. Additional plugins may be installed at Vicki's discretion.

  • Movable Type (weblog)

  • Personal web pages

    You're welcome to create your own web pages in HTML or PHP. You'll need a shell account and the ability to upload/edit files via SFTP.

If you need something that isn't listed, we may be able to offer suggestions (no guarantees).

  • We do not allow FTP, let alone anonymous FTP.