July 26, 2009

A Triple Smörgåsbord

I recently had the pleasure of attending OSCON 2009, O'Reilly's broad-spectrum Open Source conference. It was quite an event: really, a triple smörgåsbord. ...
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November 16, 2003

Telemarketers make strange bedfellows

Peculiarly, I find myself in sympathy with the telemarketers' argument (though not their goals) in the current "Do Not Call" case. Why, indeed, should political and religious groups be allowed to disturb citizens with impunity, when commercial parties cannot?

I would like the EFF to consider filing an amicus curiae brief supporting this aspect of the telemarketers' case, but suggesting that the proper solution lies in removing the exemptions, rather than killing off the law.

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October 13, 2003

An interesting encounter

Last Sunday afternoon, I was walking around Portola Elementary School, admiring the renovated buildings, new playground equipment, etc. As I did so, I spotted a man painting yellow stripes on the asphalt.

He was quite willing to talk as he painted, so we chatted about the purpose of the lines (a volleyball court), the work that had been done to create a soccer field (he was involved there, too), etc. I do some volunteering around Portola School myself, so I was happy to chat with another "helper".

Eventually, however, Chuck mentioned that he was slightly more than a random volunteer. In fact, he's a member of the school board and is running for re-election in the upcoming election.

Although we disagreed on a few points, Chuck Zelnik was willing to explain his positions and listen to mine, without bluster or rancor. I also give him more than a few points for spending his Sundays with a paintbrush! In short, my wife and I both plan to vote for him; we suggest that others consider helping to keep his views on the board.

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