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Sunday April 11, 2010

Lint Catcher Balls

Do you have cats or dogs? "Lint spiders" on your clothes? Lint Catcher balls remove fuzz and hair in the wash cycle. They really work.


Add one, several or many Lint Catcher balls to any laundry load. As Lint Catcher balls bounce around, fuzz and pet hair snags on the polyester microfiber tips. Clumps of fuzz and hair attach to the balls (and other clumps) instead of sticking to clothes. Fuzz clumps can easily be removed and thrown away. By trapping fur, Lint Catcher Balls may help prevent clogged washer drains too.

Sold in sets of 12. Balls are 1 3/8" diameter each. Price per dozen can range from $6 to $22 online and shipping costs vary, so shop around.

Click image for a larger view.

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