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Saturday December 4, 2010

Widget Locker

One of the small things I find annoying about Android OS is the short time-to-sleep for the lock screen. I often light up the screen just to check the time or the battery status or... (whoops!) it's gone dark again.


I have "Owner contact info" on that screen, should my Droid ever go walkabout, but anyone trying to read that info will have to read Very Quickly.

A web search indicates that, while many people would like to extend the sleep time for the lock screen, it doesn't seem to be possible (at this time). But I found a workaround.

Widget Locker sits in front of the Lock Screen, with its own "desktop" screen, a few "standard" widgets (e.g. volume control, backlight control), the notification bar, and any additional widgets you want to add (that fit). It's very configurable, and one of the configuration options is time-to-sleep.

So now, to see my current battery status (or the weather forecast), I light up the screen and take my time. If I want to do more, I unlock the device. If not, I press the sleep button and put it away.

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