Sunday January 15, 2006

Night Writing

I keep a pad of paper and a pen by the bed. At night, when I can't sleep because my thoughts are tumbling round and round, I can reach for the pad and make a note. Then, if I'm lucky, my brain agrees that the thought has been captured and allows me to sleep.

There's one problem with this method. It's dark in the middle of the night!

Until very recently, this meant that I had two choices:

  1. Turn on the bedside lamp at low power (it is on a dimmer switch)
  2. Write in the dark and hope I'm not overwriting some previous note

Now I have a third choice: a light-emitting pen.

Actually, I've had a lighted pen for some time; it was a gift from a friend who saw one at Walgreens. The problem with the pen I had was that the entire barrel glowed. It also changed colors. Brightly. A bit too brightly. I don't really want to be awake in the middle of the night. The purpose of the "write it down" exercise is to allow me to go back to sleep!

My new pen is a LightWriter. All of the light is concentrated at the tip, where the writing is done. The barrel is a nice, unlit, marbleized red and gold.

High quality ball point pens with a built-in LED which allows the user to write or read in the dark. Great for taking notes in conferences or for recording those sudden inspirations in the middle of the night. The Light Writer pens are also popular with pilots, policemen and astronomers. These lighted pens are available with either a red or yellow LED. To conserve battery life the LED can be turned off when not needed. Several pen colors are available.

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