Monday February 18, 2008

Mac OS X Widgets Without the Dashboard

I don't use Mac OS X's Dashboard. I dislike the user interface model. I hate the fact that Dashboard widgets run in their own "layer", as second-class applications. Thus, I have avoided Dashboard since the first time it appeared in Mac OS X. I even go so far as disabling it.

On the other hand, I love widgets. I discovered Konfabulator (now "Yahoo! Widget Engine") long before Apple created Dashboard. I have (and run) a number of widgets every day.

Unfortunately, my choices exist at the whim of the developers and, often, what I want isn't available in Y! Widgets. Worse, sometimes, what I want is available for Dashboard. But I don't run Dashboard. What to do?

Today I discovered Amnesty Singles and my dilemma is solved.

Some Dashboard widgets are so sophisticated and useful, they’re practically screaming to be standalone applications. Go ahead — let them experience the single life — convert them into applications with drag-and-drop simplicity.

Amnesty Singles is "nagware". The price (US$9.95) is reasonable and the software is well worth the expense. But note that, if you don't pay, your pre-nag trial period is about 2 minutes long. After that, you'll start seeing "This app is not registered" messages at much too frequent intervals. (I have written the developer to complain about this; I suggest you do likewise.)

Now that I can run them, I'll have to see what other wonderful widgets are available!

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