CFCL Services & Solutions

Perl and shell scripting, HTML, CGI, web sites built or modified, documentation written or reviewed, existing code reviewed, modified, or tested, processes reviewed and improved...

No job too small.

Are you depending on legacy code (e.g., awk, Perl, sed, or Unix shell scripts) that you'd rather not inspect too closely? Code that seemed obvious (or even "cute") when it was written, but now merely baffles and annoys? "Spaghetti" code? Undocumented or just plain ugly code?

Do you have data you wish to analyze? Output from other programs that is too large or complex to understand "by eye"? Problems you want to solve, but aren't sure how to go about it?

Do you need better in-house communication? Intranet content that no one has the time to create, update, or maintain? Enhanced tools to do your job?

Do you have a Wiki that needs pruning, organizing, and revitalizing?

If so, we may have an answer for you.

We Provide:

  • problem analysis and documentation
  • solution design and specification
  • general and scientific programming
  • data analysis, processing or filtering
  • information architecture; >web site design and maintenance
  • Wiki landscaping, with special emphasis on TWiki and Foswiki
  • efficient mechanization of publishing tasks
  • technical writing, editing, and preafrooding
  • quality assurance, test design, and testing
  • strategy, tactics, and implementation...

Who We Are

Rich Morin and Vicki Brown share an unusual combination of skills: copy-editing, technical writing, testing, system administration, and senior script wizardry. Odder still, we actually enjoy code review, bug fixing, testing, documentation, and maintenance programming!

We're primarily Perl/Ruby programmers, Web workers, and Documentation specialists, with a strong background in Unix (e.g. *BSD, Linux), and Mac OS X and a passion for quality. We excel at systems analysis, system administration and (re-)organization, and ease of use improvements. We are available for contract work – full-time or part-time, short term or longer term.

Our programming skills and interests include all aspects of the development process, from analysis and design through testing and maintenance. Although we prefer to program in interpreted languages such as Perl, Ruby, and PHP we can work with other languages, such as C, when the occasion arises.

Our documentation skills and interests include everything from interviewing and planning to writing and editing to review and update. We can create anything from simple how-tos to complex overviews, in your choice of formats (e.g. text, MS Word, PDF, HTML...)

Contact Us

If you need to have new tools written or processes created; if you want your existing code reviewed, steam-cleaned, documented, or put into a more comprehensible state; if you have documentation you need to have written (or reviewed); if you want web sites built or modified; let us know.

For innovative solutions, expertise in Open Source, BSD/Linux, and/or Mac OS, familiarity with publishing, or (just) solid design, test, and implementation skills, please get in touch. If we can't help you ourselves, we'll happily refer you to other consultants, at no charge.