Beveridge Audio

Beveridge Audio, LLC, was formed to preserve and extend the audio design work of Harold Beveridge. Specifically, the company is engaged in the repair and manufacture of full-height, full-width, full-range, cylindrical wavefront electrostatic loudspeakers.

At this point, the company is able to:

  • repair transducers (both circuit-board and epoxy-style) made by "Harold Beveridge, Inc." and "Cal Audio, Inc."

  • create new epoxy-style transducers, with greatly increased accuracy and consistency

  • design and fabricate new acoustic lenses, using computer-based mathematical modeling techniques

The company is currently working on a production exercise, building five pairs of "Model 2" replicas. These systems will be available for sale soon; please contact the company if you are interested in reserving one.

The official Beveridge Audio web site can be found at For more information, or to join the Beveridge Audio email list, contact:
      Rick Beveridge


      Tel:   +1 707-887-8494
      Fax:   +1 707-887-8493

      Beveridge Audio
      6450 First St., Suite D
      Post Office Box 178
      Forestville, CA 95436

More information on electrostatic loudspeakers, and Beveridge systems in particular, may be obtained from:

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