Section 7

a monthly column by Rich Morin, appearing in MacTech Magazine from 2002 - 2003

The name for the column was taken from section 7 of the BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution) manuals; thus, "Section 7" deals with "Miscellaneous Information" about BSDish aspects of Mac OS X.

I also contributed a number of additional articles to the magazine.

Issue Title
18.04 The BSD Man Pages
18.06 Some Basic Commands
18.07 More Basic Commands and a first look at “shell scripts”
18.08 A Brief Look at Perl
18.09 ckpath
18.09 A Bit More Perl
18.10 Process Control
18.12 File System Metadata
19.01 Munging Mail and Media...
19.02 Text-based File Formats
19.03 File-Based Dataflow
19.03 X11: A C of Window Systems
19.04 Tk: A Portable GUI Toolkit
19.05 Making X11 Play Nicely on the Mac
19.06 File Mode Idioms
19.08 The Process Tree
19.09 Time-based Daemons
19.11 File System Security
19.12 ESR, etc.