InfoDock is an integrated user interface for software development, system administration, and information management. Written in Emacs Lisp and hosted by the powerful Emacs/XEmacs environment, InfoDock provides highly portable mouse- and keyboard-based access to a wide range of tools. It is a turn-key integrated operating environment suitable even for users who find XEmacs or Emacs too hard or too time-consuming to use.

The following notes, drawn from the InfoDock Web page (, describe some of InfoDock's desktop tools and features. InfoDock offers the usual sorts of communication (email, netnews, etc.) facilities:

InfoDock's documentation browsing tools include the usual sorts of facilities (manual pages, HTML, etc.), but add support for WAIS searching, Info-style documentation, and customized hypertext presentations:

Finally, InfoDock supports a range of "desktop" and system interaction tools:

Software Development

InfoDock's unlimited buffers, windows and frames permit ample views of programs and documentation. Editing is facilitated by language-sensitive support features, markers that store prior editing locations, extensive undo and redo features, watch-what-I-do keyboard macros, and a retrievable history of previously cut or copied text that enables multi-level cutting and pasting across files.

InfoDock also assists programmers through automatic indenting, syntax highlighting, code browsing facilities, and outlining facilities. C and assembler language support help during coding sessions. Compilation, debugging and version control interfaces speed testing and version maintenance activities. Language-sensitive highlighting of programs as the user types aids code comprehension and helps detect syntax errors early in the coding process. Tag tables support rapid lookup of variable and function definitions.

The OO-Browser supplies an extensive GUI-based environment for developing and browsing object-oriented code. It has support for C, C++, CLOS (Lisp), Eiffel, Java, Objective-C, Python, and Smalltalk.


InfoDock has been released under the GNU Public License (GPL). Bob Weiner, the author, runs InfoDock Associates (,, +1 408 243-3300), which provides corporate distributions, support, and custom development services for InfoDock and other Emacs-related software.