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Memes & Writing Prompts

When is a meme not a writing prompt? When is a writing prompt not a meme?

When a writing prompts is posted frequently and is designed to be shared with others, it can become a meme. Not all memes are, in my view writing prompts. If they only encourage you to write a word or two, they aren't writing prompts. Writing prompts should encourage you to think. Below are some of the places I know of where you can find writing prompts.

First Drafts

First Drafts is a collaborative blog aimed at providing writers with a place to share their work on any subject they like. (Near-) daily writing prompts are emailed to you to provide guidance or inspiration.

Sunday Scribblings

Sunday Scribblings was started in March 2006 to provide inspiration and motivation for anyone who enjoys writing and would like a weekly challenge.

Writers' Digest

The editors of Writers' Digest have prepared 52 Writing Prompts — idea joggers and brain starters — to get your writing going. This page and the home page present you a new prompt each week.

Creative Writing Prompts

Use the creative writing prompts and creative writing ideas at to create stories, poems and other creative pieces from your imagination.

Discussion Groups / Mailing Lists

There are numerous discussion groups available for journal writers, e.g. Purple Ink. Inspired to Journal, Journal Inspirations, Journal Writing, Writer Friends, Write of Passage, and Writing the Margins Ink. I'm sure there are many I have missed. Please let me know about your favorites, Thanks!

I have collected some of the Weekly writing prompts, from the Purple Ink group.

Circle of Words

Circle of Words was a weekly writing prompt based on Sarah Ban Breathnach's book, "Simple Abundance, a Daybook of Comfort and Joy". The meme ran through the calendar year 2003.

I worked through the archived prompts from the meme, matching them to dates in the book. I've dre-listed all of the prompts here.

Please remember that I did not create either the meme or the questions, I merely attached dates. The topics, quotes, and questions originate either with Sarah Ban Breathnach or Candi (founder of Circle of Words).

Copyright 2004, Vicki Brown