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Day-O is a time & calendar replacement app for the Mac menu bar. Unlike many menu bar calendar widgets, Day-O also includes a clock, and has full support for Unicode date-time formats.   (cont...)

Posted at Mon, 18 Apr, 09:38 Pacific in Tech

Widget Locker

One of the small things I find annoying about Android OS is the short time-to-sleep for the lock screen.   (cont...)

Posted at Sat, 04 Dec, 10:19 Pacific in Tech

Rain-X 2-in-1 "Weatherbeater" Cleaner

I tried this on our car's windows and it Really Works. I'm impressed.   (cont...)

Posted at Fri, 29 Oct, 20:26 Pacific in Things

Ginger Spread

We picked up a jar of ginger spread at the store the other day. It's excellent, with just the perfect balance of ginger and sugar (and nothing else).   (cont...)

Posted at Sun, 11 Apr, 21:36 Pacific in Food

Lint Catcher Balls

Do you have cats or dogs? "Lint spiders" on your clothes? Lint Catcher balls remove fuzz and hair in the wash cycle. They really work.   (cont...)

Posted at Sun, 11 Apr, 14:41 Pacific in Things

Light-weight Folding Recliner

We bought a new chair today, a Faulkner "Zero gravity" recliner. Padded fabric is attached to the frame with mini bungies for a comfy feel.   (cont...)

Posted at Sat, 10 Apr, 21:33 Pacific in Things

All-in-1 Calc

The calculator that ships with Android OS is simple. It doesn't even have a % key (something I always look for). I "upgraded" to All-in-1 Calc.   (cont...)

Posted at Sun, 10 Jan, 18:28 Pacific in Tech

Puzzle Blox

Another application that takes full advantage of my Android device's features. I especially like the haptic feedback when the blocks shift and land. There are real "blox" in there!   (cont...)

Posted at Thu, 31 Dec, 18:50 Pacific in Tech


I really love the Android apps that take advantage of Android device features. Tricorder uses the phone's sensors to detect gravity/angle, sounds, GPS position, and more.   (cont...)

Posted at Thu, 31 Dec, 18:39 Pacific in Tech

Adium: Now with Twitter

I use a Mac and Adium is my IM application of choice. Now Adium 1.4 (currently in Beta) offers Twitter support. It's excellent!   (cont...)

Posted at Sat, 19 Dec, 13:43 Pacific in Tech

Chimes Ginger Chews

I found a bag of Chimes Orange Ginger Chews at the grocery store checkout stand today. I decided to try them. Yum!   (cont...)

Posted at Sun, 13 Dec, 20:07 Pacific in Food

Crushed Tomatoes

Looking for a tasty, easy tomato sauce? Try S&W Crushed Italian Recipe tomatoes with Oregano & Basil in Rich Puree.   (cont...)

Posted at Tue, 10 Nov, 20:28 Pacific in Food