Sunday February 8, 2015

People Leave Managers

Axiom: People join companies, but leave managers

We had dinner with a friend last night. She was feeling the relief that comes from having made, and accepted, a major decision. She's giving notice at her job on Monday. Her manager has been creating a hostile work environment.

It probably would not be considered "hostile" in the actionable sense. There's no discrimination of a protected class involved. In a cruel plot twist, an equal-opportunity Bad Boss is, in most cases, just a bad boss, at least in terms of possible repercussions.

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Thursday January 8, 2015


The best place to be in an earthquake is where you can say "What was that?"
-- Rick & Ruby, 1970s comedy group

I have lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since Sept. 1984. I've noticed several small earthquakes and one large (the Loma Prieta, in 1989). Earthquakes are "normal" here.

Buildings are designed to withstand earthquakes. We don't always succeed; every quake is different. But every time we have one, the earthquake safety code is updated and construction is improved for the next time. We know there will be a next time.

We have earthquakes in California. California has had 133 earthquakes (measuring M1.5 or greater) in the past 7 days, 547 in the past month. We "know" earthquakes here. They're as familiar as thunderstorms in Georgia.

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Wednesday December 3, 2014


I love brass music. From 4th through 12th grade, I played the cornet in school. I stopped playing when I graduated from High School, but I love the sound of brass instruments, trumpets and cornets in particular.

Rich and I have been going to a lot of guitar showcases, house concerts, larger concerts, over the past year or so. I like guitar too, to listen to, but, as I told Rich, I feel that if I've seen one guitar I've seen them all (aside from the wood and inlays of course).

In any case, one of the places we've discovered for musical entertainment is the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. They offer a multitude of performances, many free.

Last night's concert was the SFCM Brass Department Recital. Yeay Brass!

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Monday November 24, 2014

Looking for Coffee in All The Right Places

Starbucks along101

We occasionally drive up into the North Bay Area (Marin and Sonoma counties) for a concert or some other entertainment. On the way up, we typically get a coffee drink for the trip before heading north. On the way back home, we'd like to do the same; however, our options are more limited in the latter part of the evening.

While there are many Starbucks along that stretch of US 101, only a handful are open after 9pm, which is when we're usually driving home. I decided to look for a list of those stores.

Starbucks has a Store locator that makes it easy to list all of the stores in a given area. I can't filter by "open late", but I could scan for closing times after 9pm. (Note: to do this, you need to use the store locator before 9pm. Otherwise, if the store has closed, the houses will not be listed. It will just say: Closed.)

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Thursday November 20, 2014

Mac Cannot Connect to Messages

Following a communications SNAFU the other day (I was not logged into Skype), I decided to set up Messages on Spouse's Macbook Air, so we'd have a guaranteed way to communicate Mac to Mac. His Macbook is running 10.9; how hard could it be?

Answer: surprisingly difficult. Although he regularly connects to iTunes (no issues with his Apple password), I kept getting "cannot connect" from Messages. It suggested I check my Network connectivity (no issues).

So, I did what I always do... I searched. This seems to be a relatively common problem. A lot of people proposed possible solutions. Delete plist files. (Tried.) Delete keychain files. (Tried.) Reset the clock(?). (Sure, why not.) Check the Console messages.

Check the Console messages.

Screenshot console log

Odd. (Note: the only reason I even saw these lines was because I had the console open while I tried to connect with Messages. It's not something I would have looked for.

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Friday October 17, 2014

Loma Prieta - Remembering 1989

October 17, 1989. 17:04 Pacific time.

25 years ago.

I was on CA 85, having left work (at Apple, in Cupertino), heading north to pick up hubby Rich where he was working in Mountain View. The car bucked; I pulled over, thinking I had a blown tire. A lot of cars pulled over. Hmmmm.

At the side of the road, a transformer was sparking. Apparently, we'd had an earthquake.

We all got back in our cars. I continued to Mountain View, where Rich was waiting in the parking lot. He said "There was an earthquake." So far, to misquote C3PO from Star Wars Episode 4, "The damage didn't look so bad from out here."

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Hello Ello

I recently joined Ello. It's still in Beta, by invitation, but gaining users (and features). I'm enjoying it.

I especially like the mix of Twitter-like discovery and non-reciprocal following with FB-style conversation threads. Most of the early users of Ello are designers, artists, photographers and writers. It has a very creative feeling.

Every time I discover (and sign up for) a new Social Media platform, I ask myself "What will I use this one for?". I already use Twitter (short status), Facebook (longer status, discussions), and (occasionally) Google+ (more technically-oriented posts). What can Ello add for me?

I've decided to let the early adopters drive the meaning. I am using Ello for photos, non-technical discussion, sharing, essays, and short creative writing. That may change, over time, but it's a good fit for me at this time.

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