Sunday September 9, 2018

Students Are Not Adults

I've been substitute teaching for a little over two years now. I've been thinking, lately, about why 4th and 5th graders seem so much more mature in class than 7th graders. (6th graders are in-between.) Shouldn't students become more mature as they get older?

[Continued in commentary...]

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Substitute Teaching Vignettes #6


While I was on recess duty, a 1st or 2nd grade girl came dancing (jeté) across the blacktop, stopped in front of me, and said, "Good morning, ma'am, how is your day going so far?"

I blinked and replied, "Quite well, thank you. How is yours?"

She said hers was also going well.

I commented on the dancing ("Are you a ballerina?"). She said she was not a ballerina, she just loved to dance. And away she went... jeté.

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Saturday January 7, 2017

Diary of a Substitute Teacher #2

Yesterday's class was doing "IXL Math" exercises on Chromebooks: "Ratios and Rates". Sample question:

"What is the ratio of orange bottles to total bottles?"

Screen shot of ratio problem

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Saturday December 31, 2016

All Cartoons Are Not Cartoon Characters™

My Credit Union offers the option to "design your own" image for credit cards. On Nov 14, I went to the site and plugged in my business card (sans text).


A day later, I received a "disapproved" notice:

The design/image contains or depicts copyrighted, trademarked or branded products and/or services. This may include registered logos, animated, cartoon or amusement park characters, vehicle names or logos. Trademarked or branded commercial products such as sporting equipment, soft drink or food companies or abbreviations, acronyms, and/or symbols.
Ahem. No, it does not.

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Tuesday December 20, 2016

Substitute Teaching Vignettes #5

6th grade math - part 1

Problem: 0.375 + 5/8
Guys. There's a trick.
What's an eighth?
What's a quarter?
(Clown: 25 cents!)
Me, writes .25 on the board.
What's half of 25?
kid: 15?
Me: close. What's half of 25?
What if I have a pie (draws circle) and I cut it into quarters (draws) and then I cut one of those pieces in half? How much of the pie is that?
Kid: 1/6?

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Friday December 16, 2016

Diary of a Substitute Teacher

December 15, 2016

Subbing in middle school (7th grade) "Tech" classes. The students are creating simple web sites.

Hey, I know this stuff! (As opposed to the Aztecs & Mayans or 4th grade "math with discs".)

I told today's classes that I've been building web sites & coding HTML by hand since 1994/95. Eyebrows go up.

Yes, I am older than the WWW.

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Wednesday December 14, 2016

Substitute Teaching Vignettes #4

Fourth First grade

This was.... a surprise. I was expecting 4th grade.
Me (at the school office): I'm your 4th grade sub.
Woman: I didn't know either of them was out today. Mr Jones or Mr. Smith?
Me: Ms. Black?
Woman: She teaches 1st grade.
Me: (hoookay then)

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